~Grill Features: 4 Grill Convection Grill
~BTU Output: 48,000 BTU
~Convection Grill: Optional
~Cooking Area: 850 sq.in.
~Infrared Burner: 11000 BTU, Optional
~Smoke Tray: Optional Smoke Tray
~Rotisserie: Optional Rotisserie
~Burner Design: Exclusive Stainless Steel
~Drip Tray: Full Width
~Ignition Design: Rotary Design
~Material: Aluminum Alloy
~Grate Design/Material: Unique, Sidebyside-columniform Design 304 Stainless Steel
~Finish: Polished Stainless Steel
~Instructions: All instuctions silk screened
~Cover,DoorS&Drawers: All of those for optional accessories
~Warranty: Lifetime Burners
~Warranty: 1 Year Structure
~Construction: Double Walled Welded
~LP Only: Yes

Outdoor kitchen built in specification guide

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